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The most recent research of Culture Partners with Stanford University concludes that adaptive alignment on Purpose, Strategy, and Culture is the TRUE driver of Business Results.

16 pages
10 minutes

Culture Partners 
Stanford Research Report

This white paper from Culture Partners introduces the Results Pyramid model, with special attention to the causal links between each layer of the pyramid to develop antifragile cultures that are accountable, empowered, and agile.

14 pages
15 minutes

The Results Pyramid
White Paper

This white paper from Insights Discovery discusses the link between self-awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership, and discusses a number leadership styles.

11 pages
15 minutes

Self-Awareness & Leadership White Paper

Boubyan Bank Rises to the Top in Customer Satisfaction by Partnering with Miller Heiman Group.

2 pages
2 minutes

Boubyan Bank Rises to the Top in Customer Satisfaction
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