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Large Account Management Process

Run a business,
link strategy & finance

For more than 40 years, Large Account Management Process (LAMP, for short) has helped account manager develop long-term strategies with their strategic accounts to ensure the accounts are protected and continue to grow.  For the past 40 years, LAMP has been and remains the most evolved account management strategy on the market.  Elevate your position from a vendor, beyond a key contributor, to a strategic partner who is called upon because of your expertise.


The Gold Sheet is a gold-standard, repeatable, manageable, sequential and consistent account management process and strategic analysis framework for growing and protecting key accounts and developing mutually profitable long-term relationships with customers. The program duration is 2 days.


Don’t be blind-sided by a loss in a key account. Build an effective strategy to improve your relationships and position by allocating resources, time and money when and where needed.


- All sales leaders - All account managers - All salespeople working the account - Sales support involved in the account


- Uncover information about all stakeholders in your strategic account - Build a team that is aligned with your overall strategy to manage the account - Understand the opportunities and threats faced by changes in the working environment of your customer - Leverage your strengths and mitigate vulnerabilities - Develop a charter that describes where you and your customer would like to take the relationship - Pursue goals that improve your relationships and position within the account - Eliminate wasted resources and redirect them to where they are productive - Develop a solid multi-year forecast aligned with your strategic account - Beat the competition with creative marketing and financially sound strategies - Grow the account and grow your career and reputation


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