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Culture Equation Workshop

Align on purpose, strategy,
results and culture

Culture, if leveraged, can be a competitive advantage to deliver on your Purpose, Strategy and ultimately your Results.  When not leveraged, “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”.

This often happens due to misalignment and lack of clarity within the organization.  A staggering 87% of leaders report misalignment in their organizations, and 84% report lack of clarity of the organizational results.  How much does such misalignment and lack of clarity cost? How much of your resources (time, money and people) would you be able to save through proper alignment?

This 2-day workshop is preceded by a 4-6 week process to align the executive leadership team and the organization’s leader around Purpose, Strategy and Results; and to identify the behavioral shifts needed in your Culture that are needed to deliver your strategy and engage your team.

A thought process leading to a workshop that helps align any organization’s leadership team around core priorities to deliver results.


Achieve clarity and alignment within your leadership team around purpose, vision, strategic anchors, and cultural beliefs, and receive your own customized Culture Guide to help you communicate and execute your strategy more effectively and engage your middle management and frontliners.


- The Organization’s Leader (CEO) - Direct reports to the Leader (N-1) Level - Relevant N-2 team members


- Align on your Purpose, Strategy and Results - Identify your Compelling Case for Change - Simplify your strategy so it can be easily communicated to everyone - Define your current culture and your desired culture and the needed cultural shifts - Craft Cultural Beliefs that will enable you to deliver on your Results - Learn and acquire tools to intentionally manage culture - Receive your own customized Culture Guide


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